Exchange of Perspectives
Between Bella Tuo and Dhwani Garg

Printed booklet, Saddle stitched, 4 × 8 in.
A conversation is more than an informal talk; it’s an exchange where ideas flow freely between participants. For a conversation to thrive, there needs to be a harmonious balance, a mutual give-and-take where each party contributes and gains something in return. In essence, it’s a collaborative effort akin to constructing something meaningful through dialogue or dissecting and deciphering complex topics.

This booklet documents the engaging exchange of perspective between Bella Tuo and me on the iMessage platform from March 20–24th, 2023. Throughout our conversation, we delved into a myriad of topics ranging from personal backgrounds to culinary preferences, from navigating class schedules to exploring various interests.  The blue color indicates the use of the iMessage interface. 

This documented dialogue offers a glimpse into the richness and depth of our interactions, providing insight into the diverse array of subjects we explored and the connections we forged.