Question Quilts

Website Design + Pattern Design

1. Does, Bram de. Kaba-ornament: Experiments with a Typographical Ornament and Its Mirror Image in Vignettes, Borders and Patterns. De Buitenkant, 2006, page 30 and 31.

2. Pivirotto, Nicole. Color, Form, and Magic: Use the Power of Aesthetics for Creative and Magical Work. Chronicle Books, 2021.

FIG. I: Table 3. Patterns. 12 symmetry groups with the Kaba Ornament

Question Quilts is a project inspired by my passion for pattern and type. Each pattern comes alive with fifty diverse question marks from fifty typefaces, forming unique patterns. Drawing inspiration from the “Kaba Ornament in Vignettes Borders and Patterns,”1 where “A pattern is a collection of finite figures,” I have seamlessly integrated the concept of patterns into Question Quilts. Utilizing Table 3 (Fig.I), which delineates patterns with 12 symmetry groups, I have translated these principles into 50 quilts. Each question mark within the collection undergoes a series of intricate processes: translation, mirroring, rotation, and reflection. Additionally, certain quilts are developed intuitively, adding a layer of spontaneity and creativity to the overall collection. 

Each color holds profound significance, embodying layers of meaning and emotion. Pink signifies affection and comfort, reflecting the soothing embrace experienced during the inception of the project's first ten quilts. Transitioning into the purple series, creativity flourishes, guided by intuitive impulses in the placement of each quilt. The orange series exudes confidence, transforming the creative process into an enjoyable endeavor. Meanwhile, the green series signifies balance, while the blue series evokes a sense of tranquility, guiding the project towards a more contemplative and logical progression. The symbolism of each color has been carefully considered, drawing insights from the book “Color, Form, and Magic.”2 Through the process of transformation and creation, each quilt emerges as a unique expression of the interplay between pattern, color, emotion symmetry, and intuition.  The website serves as an archive, preserving each quilt's essence. In the interactive quilt play, users can engage and create their own question quilt.