Typeface Design
Growing up, my fondest memories revolve around visiting the fair with my father. Each time, he would indulge me with a Firki, a whimsical paper fan that danced effortlessly in the wind. Its graceful movements never failed to spark joy within me. Inspired by its appealing shape, Firki embodies my deep-seated love for typefaces as vehicles for storytelling.

Crafted from the multiplied shape of the Firki itself, each letter in it infuses whimsical charm reminiscent of the playful paper fan. Yet, it is more than just a tool for conveying words—it's a celebration of typography as a means to create new narratives.

With its bold and extra bold weights, it transcends the confines of traditional typefaces, transforming text into a visual feast where every letter becomes a work of form in its own right. Every stroke and curve embodies a harmonious balance between form and function.

Firki is available in three distinct weights, the regular weight prioritizes legibility, ensuring clear communication, while the bold and extra bold weights serve to craft a beautiful narrative. These weights also play a pivotal role in creating type as form, adding depth and dimension to design.