My work examines my role in graphic design and potential contribution to the vast terrain of typefaces and explores how type scale can intertwine through emotion, form and system within various frameworks. I explore various typefaces that can serve as a catalyst for my designs.

Growing up in India, where design elements take form in various shapes or sizes—be it in costumes, home decor, or even household items, design is an integral part of my experience. This has made me naturally drawn to the idea of proportionality. This innate inclination has fueled my passion for exploring the intricate connection between design elements and proportions.

Through my practice, I experiment with type scales as a tool to explore new narratives within my designs. I am of the opinion that even the smallest point sizes wield significant impact and contribute to the formation of larger forms and compelling narratives.

My methodology examines the fusion between readability and captivating visual allure. It signifies a departure where typefaces are not just carriers of words but also the handlers of design, marking their transition from conveyors of words to convoy of expression, prompting a profound reconsideration of their significance to my work.