1. “The powerful impact that graphic design has on emotions | UE Germany.” University of Europe for Applied Sciences, 20 April 2022,
Fig. I Confidence

Emotions are inseparable from and a necessary part of thought. Everything we do, everything we think, is tinged with emotion, much of it is subconsciously. In turn, emotions change the way we think and constantly guide us to behave rationally. The influence of emotions on human thought and behavior is universal, and impacts design thinking and creativity. Thought about context, feelings, purpose, objects, links, organization, patterns, functions, comparisons, fitness, and potentials are all subjects for the Relational Mode of design thinking. As humans, we naturally tend to associate our encounters with emotions. We interpret the world around us based on how things and situations affect our feelings, with visuals serving as a crucial factor in this process.1 

Living alone in a culturally disparate environment, distanced from the comforting presence of family, friends, and cherished ones, I frequently found myself grappling with the pangs of solitude. Amidst these moments of isolation, I sought solace and purpose through the exploration of innovative design concepts, channeling my energies into tangible manifestations of creativity. Designing the project “Confidence” (Fig. I), I used green nail polish as a medium for crafting intricate hand lettering. This project not only served as a therapeutic outlet but also symbolized a bold stride towards reclaiming agency and self-assurance in the face of profound loneliness.